2. 西国あれこれ
  3. 西国あれこれ
  4. Saigoku Kaido (Saigoku Kaido Highway)

Saigoku Kaido (Saigoku Kaido Highway)

The Saigoku Kaido is the trade route that made Hiroshima the metropolitan city it is today. The landscape along the Saigoku Kaido in other cities looks very historical because of the old Japanese buildings, but in Hiroshima, as all of the historic atmosphere was destroyed by the atomic bomb, only the route itself was left. However, people in Hiroshima recreated the city alongside the old Saigoku Kaido route. In the city center, the Saigoku Kaido runs from Peace Park to Hiroshima Station. This festival is held every year on March 15 to tell people about the history of Hiroshima before the war.